Business Leaders Intelligence Programme BLIP

BLIP is a unique centre for business education that combines behavioral science, practical business applications, and leadership acumen in a way that provides creative solutions to the complex challenges facing business leaders in a VUCA world.

This programme driven by our eclectic faculty, integrates cutting-edge research and case studies with innovative training, coaching, and assessments in five core business functions which include Management, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Human Resource. Based on the statement of problem, BLIP also provides its participants with the requisite leadership skillset to lead teams, drive change and increase performance

Now to effectively run and grow a business in today’s environment, its leaders must be vast, strategic, intelligent, and equipped with the right combination of knowledge, skill, and mindset to sustain and drive the organisation to its desired future. It greatly relies on the intelligence of its leaders to learn, grow and master new ways to lead its people and the business, that is what we are set to achieve at the Founders Leadership Intelligence Programme – FLIP.

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How does
it Work.

For 90 days the Business Leaders Intelligence Programme will provide its participants with the necessary Business Acumen to lead an effective team and facilitate good decision making. The programme employees a blend of virtual and 7 days implant retreat sessions, facilitated by world-class subject and industry experts.

Business Intelligence

Decision Making | Business Planning | Financial Statements | Marketing | Strategy


Influencing | Motivating | Inspiring | Mentoring

Self Intelligence

Discipline | Productivity| Performance | Awareness

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