Reasons why you should outsource your Learning and Development Programmes.

Staff training and development is an important aspect of the workings within an organisation and it must be effectively and efficiently budgeted for. Most organisations are caught in a fix on deciding if outsourcing this aspect is a good decision for the organisation.

Due to the increasing complexity of learning and development, outsourcing your organisation’s learning and development programs might just be the best option for you.

Here are four reasons why:

  • Improved Efficiency: An organisation’s focus should be on its primary activity. For example, a sales firm should be focused on sales; a construction firm should be focused on construction because that is what brings in the highest returns for an organisation. Including staff learning and development programmes to the various activities an organisation is expected to perform can serve as a form of distraction and might not enable the organisation to focus on its primary activity as it keeps looking for a way to ensure a smooth running of the programme. By outsourcing, a firm is able to avoid the stress of planning for its learning and development and is able to focus on its primary objective.
  • Managed Training cost: For a firm that does its learning and development by itself, these programmes might appear more costly as getting speakers and trainers might be difficult for the organisation. Also, the cost might be fixed as it might involve rigorous planning for the organisation. Outsourcing this programme to a training organisation in this case would be cost effective since they are familiar with trainers and speakers and would be able to involve them at a much cheaper rate. Also, the previously fixed training cost of the organisation can now be a variable cost and highly dependent on the choice of the organisation.
  • Wide range of Expertise:Having a good training and development programme requires a high and wide range of expertise. When an organisation plans its learning and development programme by itself, they might be restricted to their internal perspective and ideas on particular subject matter as most in-house training involves calling up people withinan organisation to speak or train. For these people to be seen as training experts it takes a lot of dedication and such persons might already be preoccupied with work roles.Outsourcing your training programme provides you with access to industry veterans who are subject matter experts in the specific training area that your employees require in order to stay compliant.In fact, you’ll now have access to an entire team of people who are responsible for executing a successful training programme for your employees.
  • Risk Management: Every business at one point or the other has to take risks. A business learning and development programme can be regarded as one of those risks. If your employees are not properly trained, an adverse situation could lead to a disaster for the organisation. At the end of the day, employees are the organisation. In this case, learning and training programmes can be seen as insurance because well trained employees can help to avert business risks. When it comes to managing risk, there’s no sense letting the things that we can control go by the wayside. Outsourcing your learning programmes to an experienced training provider would bring the best technology and training professionals to your training programme and lower overall risk to your business.


Due to the changing complexity of the business environment, the decision on who will train the employees of an organisation is not a one-time decision, either. It should be something you re-evaluate as a company on a regular basis. After all, just because you have done something one way in the past, does not mean you have to continually do it that way in the future. As your company grows, the number of decisions you have to make each day will increase. Outsourcing your employee training is one of the easiest business decisions you can make.

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